Siege #1

Siege Vol 1 1Siege #1

  • Release Date: March, 2010
  • Cover Artists: Olivier Coipel, Mark Morales, Laura Martin, Gabriele Dell’otto, Joe Quesada, Danny Miki, and Richard Isanove (holy crap, that’s a lot of artists for just one cover)
  • Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
  • Penciler: Olivier Coipel
  • Inker: Mark Morales
  • Colourist: Laura Martin
  • Letterer: Chris Eliopoulos
  • Editor: Tom Brevoort
  • Editor-in-Chief: Joe Quesada

Introduction: When Norman Osborn gained the keys to the kingdom…

Review: Awesome beginning to Siege. Norman Osborn is my all time favorite Spider-Man villain and I loved how Marvel upgraded him to being one of greatest threats in the Marvel Universe during Dark Reign (which Siege is the conclusion of). They do a good job of showing just how dangerous Osborn and his Dark Avengers get when they invade Asgard. I think fans of the Avengers (or Marvel in general) will dig this series (I know I do). Can’t wait for #2.

Overall Rating: 9/10= Awesome

Story Summary: Osborn and Loki set up the Asgardian, Volstagg to fight the U-Foes, which results in Volstagg getting blamed for destroying a football stadium and with it killing over 60,000 people (including the Bears and Lions) in Chicago.

Osborn then assembles his Dark Avengers (though, of course, they never refer to them as that because they’re the “good guys” in the eyes of the public right now) and the Initiative to lay siege to Asgard. However, Ares refuses to do so and would stop Osborn if he tried. Osborn assures him that with Thor and Odin gone, it is ripe for the picking, even with Loki in charge. He asks Ares if Asgard should be here in the mortal world. Ares swears that if he is lying, then he’ll take off his head. Osborn assembles his Avengers to brief them. However, they believe that going against the gods is entirely out of their league. Osborn promises all of them that if they do this for him, then they can either continue being on his Avengers or they don’t have to work for him anymore.

Later, Ares then gives a rallying speech to all the Initiative and H.A.M.M.E.R. regarding the upcoming battle. At the White House, the President attempts to get a hold of Osborn, realizing that he’s now out of his control (yeah, nice going Obama).

At Asgard, Loki appears before Balder, while he was sleeping, to warn him of Osborn’s impending attack. He says that he tried to stop Osborn but failed. Next thing he knows, the Sentry (basically Marvel’s evil Superman) tears through the great city. Then, the Dark Avengers, Initiative and H.A.M.M.E.R. attack. Right in Oklahoma, Donald Blake sees the battle and transforms into Thor to aid Asgard after making sure the comatose Tony Stark is safe, but he gets jumped pretty bad by the Iron Patriot, Dark Avengers and U-Foes.

Steve Rogers who’s watching the event unfold from the monitor at Avengers Hideout, is angry at what he sees.

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Spider-Man: Reign #4

Spider-Man Reign Vol 1 4Spider-Man: Reign #4

  • Release Date: May, 2007
  • Cover Artist: Kaare Andrews
  • Writer: Kaare Andrews
  • Penciler: Kaare Andrews
  • Inker: Kaare Andrews
  • Colourist: Jose Villarrubia
  • Letterers: Chris Eliopoulos
  • Editor: Axel Alonso, and Rus Wooton
  • Editor-in-Chief: Joe Quesada

Introduction: Venom (from cover): “Hmm, needs salt”

Review: The first three issues of Reign on average are just OK. However, I loved the conclusion.

Like I stated above, the first half of Reign was mediocre, but the second half was Awesome. Everything comes to a great climactic ending. One that’s an extremely satisfying possible end to the Spider-Man legend.

Lot of people were call it a rip-off of The Dark Knight Returns (DKR), which might be the case, but I think it’s good enough to stand out on it’s own. Kaare Andrews didn’t try to pretend that this wasn’t inspired by DKR. Oh no, before the series was released he actually this was “Spider-Man’s Dark Knight Returns”. He even names the reporters in Reign after the creators of DKR!

It was filled with some great moments. My main criticism with this series, is that I feel the story could’ve been extended more. I almost wish this either had more issues, or more pages per issue. Also, I would’ve liked to have gotten a view of Spider-Man’s other famous foes in that dark future like Green Goblin, or some of the other Marvel heroes making quick appearances, or small roles. I do think it’s cleaver that it plays on fact that we don’t know for sure what’s happened to these characters in the course of 30 years.

The art wasn’t the best (OK, it was pretty bad), but I don’t think artwork should influence how people see a story. Although, I forget that myself sometimes.

Overall, this was one of the best Spider-Man mini-series I’ve read. I hope that Kaare Andrews will make a sequel mini-series one day. Actually, never mind.

Overall Rating: 10/10= Legendary

Story Summary: “Book Four”

Spider-Man crawls his way up the mayor’s building. The Sinner Six are waiting inside. The kids continue to strike the old bell from the church tower. The noise is keeping the symbiotes back. The Reign soldiers, led by Sandman are under orders to stop them. The mayor calls them terrorists. As the Sandman steps forward to tell them they have no hope of winning, the little girl in charge goes off on him. She says hope has three daughters: Anger, Courage, and Truth (sorry, that feels ike it came out of nowhere). As she removes her mask, Sandman notices that she has his eyes, he realizes that’s his daughter. She suddenly turns into cement. Upon seeing the fact that she’s a “super illegal,” the other men open fire. Sandman use his powers to hold their fire. After being shot so many times, the girl is in couple of pieces. Sandman picks her up and tells her it’s going to be okay.

With the bell stopped, Venom can now think again. Spider-Man busts through a window where Electro and Hydro-Man are. He quickly takes them out after reminding them that electricity and water don’t mix. Scorpion’s next. He says with his new suit he can do anything. Spider-Man asks him if he can fly as he knocks him out the window. Mysterio tries rattling Spider-Man’s mind by posing as Mary Jane. Spider-Man punches through his dome and knocks him out (Spider-Man: “Don’t dress up as man’s dead wife, unless he pays you to”). Kraven too is defeated.

Outside, Sandman tries to fight back the symbiotes as he still holds his daughter. He tells her to focus and try to reform herself. Suddenly, the symbiotes leave. Thinking they’ve won, he looks down and finds her girl has died. Heading towards the building, he tells one of the soldiers to go home to his kids as he heads inside.

Spider-Man arrives to confront Venom. The symbiote blames Spider-Man for bringing it to this planet and making it a prisoner (Can’t say I blame him, or her, or whatever the fuck it’s gender is). The mayor soon realizes that his plan on keeping the city safe with the help of Venom was a mistake. He runs off as Spider-Man battles Venom. As Spider-Man begins to black out, he sees himself as the nerdy high school student he once was. Mary Jane walks up to him and gives him a pep talk. Smashing out a window, Spider-Man starts crawling to the top of the building (Man, talk about Atari 2600). He notices that the people below are watching rather than running home. He knows he might die. He sees dying a way to make the people of the city fight harder. Followed by hundreds symbiotes, Spidey is in true form. He lets out the wise-cracks as he takes hit after hit and getting in some of his own. Battered and bloody, Spider-Man soon finds Sandman walking up behind him. He tells Spidey that he’s got a date with Truth. He hands him the detonator he got from the mayor that controls the remote explosives that are lodged into his and the rest of the Six’s molecular structure. With the Sandman swallowed and the other Sinister Six’s in the building, Spider-Man pushes the detonator surrounded by symbiotes. The building explodes.

On the streets, J. Jonah Jameson walks past a child. He asks him what it means. Jameson tells him it’s a second chance. He is soon on television telling how the streets are no longer safe. There are rapes, mugging, and murder on on every corner once again. The “super-terrorists” are loose again. “God bless ’em.”

As a criminal tries to rob a bar, he is suddenly webbed up from behind and left hanging. Spider-Man in a trench coat and hat walks away telling MJ that he will see her again someday but for now, he has responsibilities (until he gets killed by Daemos in Spider-Verse #1).

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Spider-Man: Reign #3

Spider-Man Reign Vol 1 3Spider-Man: Reign #3

  • Release Date: April, 2007
  • Cover Artist: Kaare Andrews
  • Writer: Kaare Andrews
  • Penciler: Kaare Andrews
  • Inker: Kaare Andrews
  • Colourist: Jose Villarrubia
  • Letterer: Chris Eliopoulos
  • Editor: Axel Alonso
  • Editor-in-Chief: Joe Quesada

Introduction: Now, it’s getting awesome!

Review: The series really upped it’s game with this one. It’s full of tension and a rousing ending that all points the reader towards an epic conclusion. The plot really starts moving here after two issues of setup. It would’ve been better if things really got moving a bit earlier, but this issue more than makes up for it.

We finally get the story behind MJ’s death and reason for Peter’s retirement. The reason behind MJ’s death is stupid yet frighteningly realistic: SHE WAS KILLED BY HIS RADIOACTIVE SPERM. Don’t believe me? Here’s the page. If the radioactive sperm thing’s cannon in the main Marvel universe than fans of Mary Jane should probably start paying their respects. My heart ached even more when Spider-Man had to stop some armed men, stealing the last few moments of her life they could have spent together. Spidey’s went through the “No More” phase more times, but this the first time there was actually a justifiable reason for hanging up the suit.

The scenes with the venom symbiote rampaging through the city are “amazing”. They’re exciting, and frightening. It’s a big part of why I’m so excited to read the next issue.

This issue featured one of the most disturbing comic book scenes I’ve ever read. Mary Jane’s corpse dug out of the ground, where Peter embraces it despite the fact that it’s been decomposing for about 30 years., and if that’s not enough it was dug up by Doc Ock, or what’s left of him. Ock’s long dead, but his corpse is still attached to the tentacles or his “four sons”. The tentacles carry out his last wish to bring Spider-Man out of retirement. Pretty disturbing, yet it’s such a cool scene at the same time. Spidey and Ock have been enemies for years, and on his deathbed Ock knew the only man who could take down the Reign was Spider-Man or his “brother”. Finally, when Peter said he buried Spider-Man with MJ, he meant it literally as he buried the costume along with her. When once it back, and punched out of the coffin it’s just a perfect symbolism of the Spider-Man persona being reborn. He even sings a part of his theme song!

It’s a perfect mix of sad, tense, and exciting. On to the conclusion!

Overall Rating: 9/10= Awesome!

Story Summary: “Book Three”

Following his defeat at the hands of the Sinner Six, Spider-Man’s saved by the dead remains of Doc Ock and his mechanical arms. It takes him to the cemetary where Uncle Ben, Aunt May, and Mary Jane are buried. Spider-Man flashbacks to when Mary Jane was lying in a hospital bed. He is saddened that she had been poisoned with radioactivity from him. He wasn’t by her side as she passed on. As crime was occuring outside, she told him to “Go…. He disn’t her finish with … “get ’em, Tiger.”

In the office of Mayor Waters,’ J. Jonah Jameson is dragged in by Reign officers. Jameson believes that Waters is a monster but it turns out it is really his aide, Edward Saks. Saks appears to be bonded with the symbiote Venom (I still think it’s Eddie Brock, but his personality been completely wiped out by the symbiote).

In the city, as the Webb System is active, not allowing anyone to enter or leave the city, the children working with Jameson’s underground decide to take on masks and fight. Venom reaches across the city, consuming everyone in his path.

As Mary Jane’s corpse is seemingly dragged away from Peter, he follows. In her coffin, he enters and emerges in his “red and blues.” The true Spider-Man has finally returned. Maybe for his final battle.

References: for the edited story summary, comic book over, and credits

So please kind sir, don’t sue me for plagiarism!

Spider-Man: Reign #2

Spider-Man Reign Vol 1 2Spider-Man: Reign #2

  • Release Date: March, 2007
  • Cover Artist: Kaare Andrews
  • Writer: Kaare Andrews
  • Penciler: Kaare Andrews
  • Inker: Kaare Andrews
  • Colourist: Jose Villarrubia
  • Letterer: Rus Wooton
  • Editor: Axel Alonso
  • Editor-in-Chief: Joe Quesada

Introduction: I think this comic represented Spider-Man’s actual age at the time of publication. Peter started his career as Spider-Man when he was 15 (as stated in Civil War #2), and he first appeared in Amazing Fantasy #15 from August, 1962. That would place his original birth date somewhere in 1947 (ah, a baby boomer). Now, calculating from 1947 to 2007 that would mean Peter’s 60 in Spider-Man: Reign.

Review: This series is doing a good job of making the behind the scenes political figures feel like true evil villains. They’re even willing to unleash the Sinister Six (renamed “Sinner Six”, which I think is lame) just to keep there status quo intact, and will go far to control their people.

They did a good job of making Peter Parker look depressed and broken. He’s quiet, he hallucinates about his dead wife, and (as far as we know) has no friends. I love how whenever he puts the mask back on, that old extrovert personality within him tat was once deep, and buried instantly comes back. He just cracks jokes and taunts his enemies like he never retired in the first time. After so long, even being retired for a time, Spider-Man has truly become a second person dwelling inside Peter.

The old Hypno-Hustler. Hilarious. Nuff’ said.

The only thing that bugs me is the involvement of JJJ and his army of little kids. It’s a bit weird, and doesn’t fit Jameson’s personality very well. I mean, I know a person can change a lot over 30 years, but still. I think Jameson’s role would’ve been better suited by an old Matt Murdock/ Daredevil, given the long history between him and Spider-Man. In fact, we don’t hear anything about the other Marvel Universe heroes in this series. I know it’s supposed to focus on an old Spider-Man, but I find odd that don’t at least mention once about what happened to the other superheroes.

Now, they never said how old MJ was when she died, but I’m going to assume it was around the age of 30. Peter naturally hallucinates about her in the form he most recently remembers her in. Personally, I think it would add more feel if he imagned himself as younger as well.

I think the art’s gotten a little worse since last issue. Everything else with the feel, mood, and narration’s good.

Overall Rating: 6/10= OK

Story Summary: “Book Two”

J. Jonah Jameson is giving out illegal copies of The Daily Bugle, shouting about how “The Spider” has returned (Really? Would it be that much trouble to actually call Spider-Man just SPIDER-MAN. In fact, no one calls him that, it’s just “The Spider”. Weird. I guess, they decided to rip off more from The Dark Knight Returns. After all, to them Batman= “The Bat”.)

A news show the Daily Bugle News covers a story of how a “ill man” named J. Jonah Jameson was giving out illegal newspapers and was leading a group of children (it felt so weird just typing that…).

Two heavily guarded people burst through a closed door talking about an old “codger” who took out two armed Reign officers. Saks , and the Mayor of New York, wishes to accelerate the Webb project by activating it tonight, and catch Spider-Man. They go down to the Vault. Saks declares that “With great responsibility comes great… power” (Saks is Eddie Brock. I’m calling it now.) Once in the Vault they find six people who volunteered to catch Spider-Man. They are called the Sinner Six, and are all fitted with micro-thermal explosives if they turn against their jobs (as if the villains needed any more motivation to go after Spidey).

A girl is reading a newspaper and two Reign officers come up and take it from her, telling her that it’s contraband. She insults them and is asked by a boy to join her for a special meeting.

Back to Peter’s apartment, he’s packing, yelling at the non-existent Mary Jane to help and get ready to leave. He shaves his beard and cuts himself. Peter’s stunned to see that the blade cut his face.

Back to the girl who is going down a dark alley to an abandoned church. She hears the preaching of a man from inside. Going in she sees J. Jonah Jameson with a congregation of children. He orders a boy named Kasey to hack into the DBN network (Holy crap, does Jameson have any adult followers?!). All over New York all mechanical video screens are disrupted and J. Jonah Jameson’s announcement comes though, telling of Spider-Man’s return.

People start congregating out in the streets to hear the message and Reign police come and start to break up the crowds. A man named the Hypno-Hustler comes and makes the Reign officers dance. Unfortunately, his batteries die out and he is shot, J. Jonah Jameson makes the children watch the killing. Out of his window, Peter sees Hypno-Hustler being killed and the other officers launching a missile at his apartment. With the explosion Peter emerges in his full Black Spider-Man suit. Attacking the Reign guards, Spidey tells jokes and insults them as he fights. J. Jonah Jameson makes sure that the hacked network is transmitting the fight to everyone in New York. Jonah is attacked by an officer. This causes the rising up of citizens to attack the officer. Kasey is impaled by Kraven The Hunter’s machete. Electro and the Six attack Spider-Man. Spidey’s severely beaten but is saved by the “Deus Ex Machina” or in this case: corpse of Doc Ock (I WANT TO BELIEVE that this is not a rip-off of E.T.). Peter is brought to MJ’s grave by the corpse of Doc Ock.

References: for the edited story summary, comic book over, and credits

So please kind sir, don’t sue me for plagiarism!

Spider-Man: Reign #1

Spider-Man: Reign #1

  • Release Date: February, 2007
  • Cover Artist: Kaare Andrews (this series was done pretty much entirely by him as you can see below)
  • Writer: Kaare Andrews
  • Penciler: Kaare Andrews
  • Inker: Kaare Andrews
  • Colourist: Kaare Andrews
  • Letterer: Chris Eliopoulos
  • Editor: Axel Alonso
  • Editor-in-Chief: Joe Quesada

Introduction: The Dark Knight Returns: Spider-Man Edition

Review: What’s the normal method for making a Spider-Man story? It’s this: something personal messes up for Peter Parker, potential tragedies for his family and/ or friends, and fights a villain before returning to his own downbeat personal life. Despite all the shit he’s went through all the years, it usually ends well for him by the end of the story arc.

Kaare Andrews took that in a different direction. This is dark, really dark. This is probably the darkest Spider-Man story ever written, even darker than Kraven’s Last Hunt. There’s quite a few times were Reign doesn’t even feel like a Spider-Man story, and that’s actually kinda awesome.

Peter’s old, frail and he’s haunted by hallucinations of his deceased wife Mary Jane Watson (that name still cracks me up). Seriously now, I feel total sadness I read about the madness Peter’s presumably feeling. The villains in this story are the Reign Corporation that’s in charge of New York City, and soon the rest of the country as well.

I like Andrews’s distinctive art style from the exaggerated body types. Normally, I don’t think I wouldn’t liked this art style, but it fits well with this story. Unfortunately, this issue gave me an image I can never erase from my mind: when the feeble Peter pulls himself upright in bed, naked and we get a pretty clear look at his old wobbly dick between his legs! I DARE YOU TO CLICK ON THIS LINK FOR THAT IMAGE! I’m not sure how this got past the censors, but I heard the same day this issue shipped to retailers, Marvel issued an apology and a “CONTENT ADVISORY” statement, announcing that the issue was now returnable. The second printing avoided this problem by modifying the panel, hiding Peter’s junk in shadow, but for young innocent minds such as myself it was already too late.

That aside, I think Andrews has a very interesting story cooking up here. There are three more issues to go and I just hope the series keeps up. I just hope there’s no more old man dicks…

Overall Rating: 7/10= Good

Story Summary: “Book One”

It’s New York City from 30 years into the future. The world’s is looking bleaker by the second, and it appears that New York is now an independent state, and although no ‘super crime’ has happened in over 30 (or 10, they had me confused there) years, the government employs fascist methods to combat regular crime by using a new form of police, the merciless “Reign”.

We see an old Peter Parker, somewhere over fifty, working in a flower shop, and getting yelled at by a couple whom he had given the wrong flowers on their wedding. They demand their money and back and after, the shop keeper fires Peter. He takes a bouquet of flowers when he gets fired and walk out without paying. The shop keeper yells as Peter walks out while Peter doesn’t care.

The flowers are for Mary Jane, or rather her grave. He never makes it to the graveyard as he is knocked over by a Reign officer who was chasing teenagers for drawing graffiti on a wall. The flowers are then stepped on by another Reign officer, as Peter is lying in the mud, the officers laugh at him as he is weak, calling him “Just another old man.”

A news broadcast comes onto the television, with them showing the new Webb system that will not let anyone into New York and anyone to get out of New York (I smell post-9/11 themes going on…). It’s the new plan of the mayor to keep the city safe from any outsiders.

Peter is in his apartment, eating a meal, when suddenly he yells out at something that isn’t there. The image of Mary Jane still haunts him, as he still sees her and speaks with her, but she never responds.

On the streets an old man walks with a walker yells at some Reign officers, calling them crooks and such. Peter is sleeping, seeing a dream of MJ kissing him on the bed, and wakes up, finding himself alone again. A bell rings and the old man with the walker shows up at his doorstep. The old man is J. Jonah Jameson. He starts talking with Peter on friendly terms, blabbering about the old newspaper staff. He’s no longer running the Daily Bugle, so he’s out of work. He tells Peter he’s sorry for everything that he did to his alter ego, but Peter closes his front door on him. JJ leaves a package though, and tells Peter to open it, while walking outside. Peter opens it, finding his old camera he use to work with for the Daily Bugle. Outside, JJ’s wrecking someone’s car with his walker, causing a small bit of chaos so a few Reign officers ask him to go away. He responds by yelling at them to stand up and fight, knocking one officer in the face with his walker. He gets up and along with his partner, they start beating the old JJ. Peter is looking at his camera and finds that the fabric on it. Fabric that scares him. He drops the camera, then he hears screams from outside of JJ getting beat up. He appears before the officers, with his old Black Spider-Man mask, JJ’s package to him along with the camera. Spider-Man jumps in and the officers try to take him down, calling him a little boy. Spidey says he thinks it’s funny and laughs. He takes the officers down with his old style and grace of Spider-Man, along with the trademark humor. He kills one of the officers leaving the other to flee. After taking down the officers, JJ tells him that he needs Spider-Man to save the city. He asks him to put their past behind them and that they need each other’s help. Peter doesn’t say anything, but punches JJ in the face, knocking him out. Then he walks away.

References: for the edited story summary for the comic book cover, and credits

So please kind sir, don’t sue me for plagiarism!

New Fun: The Big Comic Magazine #1

CoverNew Fun: The Big Comic Magazine #1

  • Release Date: February, 1935
  • Writers: Henry Kiefer, Adolphe Barreaux, Charles Flanders, Sir Walter Scott, Raymond Perry, Tom Cooper, Ken L. Fitch, Lyman Anderson, Jack A. Warren, Robert Weinstein, Dick Loederer
  • Pencilers: Lyman Anderson, Henry Kiefer, Adolphe Barreaux, Charles Flanders, Raymond Perry, Tom Cooper, Joseph Clemens Gretter, Jack A. Warren, Robert Weinstein, Dick Loederer
  • Inkers: Lyman Anderson, Henry Kiefer, Adolphe Barreaux, Charles Flanders, Lawrence Lariar, Raymond Perry, Tom Cooper, Joseph Clemens Gretter, Jack A. Warren, Robert Weinstein,
  • Editors: Lloyd Jacquet, Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson,

Introduction: “New Fun”. Sound familiar?

Review: Well guys, I was fortunate enough to have been able to find and read this comic. This comic’s extremely rare, and even the scan I read was a little worn out. I got most of it though, and that’s enough for me to write a reasonable review.

It’s the first DC comic book ever published, and the first “modern” comic book like the ones we all know today. The actual stories inside the issue weren’t as a special as the influence the cover had. Inside of focusing on trying to write one good story, it seems they just have a whole bunch of separate stories throughout. Those stories only only be one page, and readers would have to wait a whole another month before they could see another page. I couldn’t do that.

I’m not just saying that because it’s old. I mean, I like a lot of comic books from the late 1930’s like the first issues of Action Comics, and Detective Comics. When comic books first started, they were simply reprints of past comic strips from the Sunday papers (or for lack of a better term “Sunday funnies”) with original material. Over 80 years later, that’s all changed a lot since then…

Still, I’m gonna go easy on this because it is the first one, and what I named my blog after in the first place.

Overall Rating: 6/10= OK

Story Summary: “Jack Woods: Don Nogales, Cattle Rustler, Part 1” (On cover)

Riding along the Rio Grande at night, Jack Woods, a cowboy of the Old West, spies two men driving cattle. The two men, Don Nogales and his henchman Miguel, see Jack in turn, and Nogales sends Miguel to fetch him. Miguel flags Jack down, and, when Jack stops, pulls a gun on him. Nogales decides to bring Jack to his ranch in Mexico, and the three men arrive there just as dawn begins to break. As they reach Nogales’ office, Jack quickly incapacitates Miguel with a wrestling throw, giving him the time to pull his own weapon. Turning his attention to Don Nogales, Jack does not see Miguel, still on the floor, pulling a knife and takes aim.

Story Summary: “Wing Brady: The Bedouins, Part 1”

While on lookout as their company makes camp, Foreign Legionnaires Wing Brady and his friend Slim see reflected light in the distance. Wing recognizes it as a coded distress call from Corporal Levun, another member of the company. Wing convinces the company captain to let him and Slim take the company’s only airplane to rescue Corporal Levun and his men. The fliers soon arrive to find Levun and his men under attack by Bedouins. Wing and Slim strafe the Arabs, but return fire damages their motor to the point where the plane can no longer stay in the air. Wing and Slim begin to drop right toward the waiting Bedouins.

Story Summary: “Magic Crystal of History: Ancient Egypt, Part 1”

Caught in a violent thunderstorm, Bobby and Binks take refuge in an old, abandoned house. Inside the house, on a pedestal, is a glowing crystal ball. Bobby takes up the crystal, which suddenly begins to glow even more brightly, blinding the two children. The crystal begins to grow, and with a thunderous crash, Bobby and Binks find themselves transported back in time 6000 years to ancient Egypt.

Story Summary: “Sandra of the Secret Service: The Gavonian Affair, Part 1”

Late for an appointment with her dressmaker, Sandra is surprised when a strange man, in a tuxedo and top hat, jumps into her car with her, pulls a gun, and instructs her chauffeur to drive to 614 Main. Another car speeds in pursuit, shooting at them, but Sandra and her mysterious passenger manage to escape, and he thanks her for her help, then leaves. Later, after Sandra has returned home, a distinguished looking foreign man pays a call, to tell Sandra just whom it was that she rescued, but their conversation is interrupted by a man with a gun.

Story Summary: “Barry O’Neill: Fang Gow of China, Part 1”

Barry O’Neill responds to the summons of Inspector LeGrand of the French Sureté, and the two men discuss the menace of Fang-Gow. Meanwhile, Fang-Gow himself commands his minions to destroy O’Neill, and Ivan assigns the task to Fu-Yak. Working with an assistant, Fu-Yak plants a bomb in Barry’s car, but a stroke of luck saves Barry from harm. That night, while Barry is on the phone with LeGrand, Fu-Yak climbs in his hotel room window.

Story Summary: “Ivanhoe: Episode 1”

Wamba and Gurth, jester and swineherd respectively in the service of Cedric the Saxon, are returning to Cedric’s castle at the end of the day. They encounter a band of horsemen led by Brian de Bois-Guilbert and his companion Prior Aymor (a Norman monk). They demand the way to Cedric’s castle, but Wamba, because of the ongoing hostilities between Normans and Saxons, deliberately gives them the wrong directions. Now hopelessly lost, Brian and his company come upon a stranger asleep in the road (really a disguised Wilfred), who agrees to guide them to Cedric for the use of a horse. Cedric loves Normans no more than does his jester, but politely receives them and orders a feast prepared. Wamba suddenly enters and informs Cedric that one of his dogs has been deliberately crippled. Cedric becomes angry and vows to punish the perpetrator. As the guests are being seated for dinner, a major-domo announces the entrance of the Lady Rowena.

Story Summary: “Buckskin Jim: The Indian Ambush, Part 1”

Buckskin Jim Kenyon arrives in New Orleans to join a wagon train to California, but finds that the train has left without him. Attempting to catch up, he is sidetracked by a cry for help. Finding an old man named Trapper Pete and his horse named Blackie trapped in quicksand, Jim quickly tosses Pete a rope and pulls him to safety. The two men then team up to rescue the horse. In gratitude, Pete offers Jim a ride to catch the wagon train. On the way, however, Jim spots smoke, which Pete identifies as Indian smoke signals. Interpreting them to mean that the Indians plan to attack the wagon train at dawn, Pete, with Jim still riding pillion behind him, attempts to head the train off, but he and Jim and spotted by the Indians. Pete slides off Blackie and tells Jim to run for it, but Jim refuses to abandon him, and the two men prepare to fend off the Indian attack.

Story Summary: “2023: Super Police: Captain Kiddlaw: Part 1”

Rex Cosmos, officer of the Super-Police, pays a visit to Professor Shanley’s airport laboratory to test Shanley’s new vehicle, the Hi-Lo, a craft that can travel both in the air and underwater. Cosmos intends to take the craft to the Galapagos Islands to investigate the disappearances of five American ships. Shanley’s assistant telephones Shanley’s daughter Joan and informs her of the impending flight. Joan rushes to the airport, and, in her haste to catch the Hi-Lo, neglects to pay her cab fare. As the Hi-Lo takes off, Joan grabs hold of a wing just as the cab driver named Axel Yoke grabs hold of her. Both are pulled into the air with the Hi-Lo, but Joan’s arms soon grow tired and she loses her grip. Inside the Hi-Lo, Rex takes the controls and deftly maneuvers the craft underneath Joan and Axel, catching them in mid-air. With Joan and Axel safe, the Hi-Lo receives a distress call from the S.S. Trent, which is sinking near the Galapagos Islands.

Story Summary: “Bubby and Beevil”

Bubby is a humble good-natured happy-go-lucky gnome-like creature with clattering wooden shoes and a big pointed hat who likes doing good deeds (Oh, God. It’s THAT kind of story…). Beevil is a mischievous gloomy bogie who likes to thwart Bubby’s plans for doing good deeds. One happy morning, Bubby wakes up and does some stretching before leaving to find someone do good. The mischievous Beevil gets out from under the tree he calls home and follows Bubby to see what he’s up to. Bubby stops and sees a boy named Jacky doing errands for his mother. After finishing his errands, Jacky’s mother tells him to go to his room and do his homework. Jacky, however, is very tired and goes to sleep on his desk before he even starts! The good-natured Bubby sneaks through the window inside his room and does his schoolwork for him as Jacky sleeps. Beevil, watching Bubby do a good deed in disdain, sneaks into the room and hides behind the desk. When Bubby is finished with the boy’s homework, he places it on the desk and climbs out the window. Beevil gets up and spills ink all over Jacky’s homework and desk, much to Bubby’s dismay…

Story Summary: “Tom Mix -and his Ralston Straight Shooters”

Jimmy and Jane pass by the window of Tom Mix’s ranch where they overhear Spooky Farrow and his band of smugglers talk about their plans to capture and kill Tom Mix that night so they could smuggle a load over the border without interference. They plan to hide in his ranch and shoot him when arrives. Armed with this information, Jimmy and Jane get on their horses and ride to town to try to alert Tom Mix. When they arrive, the townspeople tell them that Tom already left for his ranch with a wrangler. As they double back, they see they are seconds too late as Tom is about to enter his house. Thinking fast, Jimmy attaches a warning note to his Zyp Gun and shoots! The arrow lands on the front door just as Tom had his hand on the latch. Tom Mix reads the note, in which Jimmy had quickly scribbled “Smugglers inside Danger! Jimmy” Tom Mix yells to Jimmy and Jane to get troops from Fort Custer to come. Tom and the wrangler then secure the ranch and make the smugglers raise their hands in the air. As the troops arrive, one of them thanks Tom and informs him that they’ve been pursuing the smugglers for years. Tom says that Jimmy and Jane deserve the credit. The wrangler chuckles and says that after this every guy and girl will want a Zyp Gun (what girl wouldn’t).

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