Siege #2

Siege Vol 1 2Siege #2

  • Release Date: April, 2010
  • Cover Artists: Olivier Coipel, Mark Morales, Laura Martin, Gabriele Dell’otto, Joe Quesada, Danny Miki, and Richard Isanove
  • Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
  • Penciler: Olivier Coipel
  • Inker: Mark Morales
  • Colourist: Laura Martin
  • Letterer: Chris Eliopoulos
  • Editor: Tom Brevoort
  • Editor-in-Chief: Joe Quesada

Introduction: Click here to watch the official trailer for Siege

Review: Yeah, the only problem with a storyline like this is that you sometimes have to read a whole bunch other issues from a bunch of other storylines to make make sense of what’s going on. Unfortunately, I’m good at getting adjusted to a story earlier on so that’s not a problem for me.

Anyway, Ares is now dead. Can’t say I’m surprised that someone was killed off, I mean this is an event that’s been building up for the past seven years (since Avengers Disassembled). Like the first issue this was absolutely awesome. Maybe I’ll even forgive Quesada for Spider-Man: One More Day… OK, maybe not that far.

Overall Rating: 9/10= Awesome

Story Summary: As the battle in Asgard continues to rage, Ares duels Balder. The latter demands to the God of War why they are attacking. Ares responds that it is their fault for letting Odin fall and allowing Loki to take the throne and declares that Asgard does not belong on Midgard. However, Heimdall comes out to tell Ares that Balder is king of Asgard and that Ares only succeeded in bringing Loki’s madness upon them. Ares looks at the chaotic battle and realized the truth: Osborn had deceived him. Norman Osborn/ Iron Patriot, is standing with fellow Dark Avenger Ms. Marvel (Karla Sofen) and the U-Foes over Thor, who is down. Out of nowhere, a missile comes hurling at them and the villains are thrown away. Maria Hill uses a rocket launcher to blast Osborn and the others away again. From behind her comes one of the U-Foes, about to give a fatal blow over Hill. Thor uses what little energy he has left to launch the U-Foe and Ms. Marvel to the ground. Thor then collapses. Hill and a driver take his body to Broxton, Oklahoma.

Meanwhile, at the Avengers hideout, Steve Rogers is in his Captain America uniform. He tells his fellow New Avengers, the Young Avengers and the Secret Warriors that he doesn’t know how Osborn weaseled his way into power. However, he declares they will stop him.

Back in Asgard, Osborn sends Daken after Hill and Thor. Suddenly, Ares tackles out Osborn from the skies. The God of War then accuses him of deceit. Osborn tries defending that he would’ve done the same thing in his place. Ares retorts that he would not do so against Asgard. Before Ares could kill Osborn, Sentry comes in and punches Ares into a wall. Ares quickly gets up. Sentry quickly pounces at Ares, hitting him hard in the neck. Ares responds by slicing his axe into Sentry’s mid-section. Sentry punches Ares away, as the Void appears to be taking control. As Ares falls far to the ground, Sentry flies him into an Asgardian monument. Ares tries to take out Sentry by surprise, but Sentry elbows him in the nose. Then, Sentry strangles Ares with one hand. Sentry takes his other hand, and rips Ares in half, much to the shock of combatants on both sides and bystanders.

Meanwhile, back at the Avengers Hideout, Nick Fury had acquired a ship that will bring the heroes to Asgard. Bucky does not hesitate to give Steve his shield, believing that the true Captain America is needed for this battle. As Rogers reluctantly takes it, he asks his friend what he will do. In response, Bucky replaces the shield with a huge gun. Jarvis then approaches Steve, and gives him a suitcase, containing something for someone who’s nearby Asgard; meanwhile Fury refuses to allow Phobos to join them. Phobos attempted to use his fear-based powers against Fury but it has no effect. Fury says that he had seen everything there is to see in the world and there’s nothing that can scare him. As the Helitransport takes off, Wiccan questions how they’re going to get to Asgard in time. Fury then shows him that the transport had an in-built wormhole drive, which can get them to Asgard in seconds.

In Broxton, Daken is searching for Hill and Thor. He uses his smell to find Thor. Just as he tracks him down, Thor blasts him, searing his flesh. Thor then declares that he will neither run nor hide from Osborn. He swears that he will defend both Asgard and Broxton to his last breath. Osborn decides to oblige him and dispatches the Sentry to find him. Taskmaster tells Osborn that he should turn around. Osborn turns, as Captain America’s shield is a second from cracking him in the face (that was an awesome shot by the way).

References:  for the edited story summary, comic book cover, and credits

So please kind sir, don’t sue me for plagiarism!


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