Spider-Man: Reign #3

Spider-Man Reign Vol 1 3Spider-Man: Reign #3

  • Release Date: April, 2007
  • Cover Artist: Kaare Andrews
  • Writer: Kaare Andrews
  • Penciler: Kaare Andrews
  • Inker: Kaare Andrews
  • Colourist: Jose Villarrubia
  • Letterer: Chris Eliopoulos
  • Editor: Axel Alonso
  • Editor-in-Chief: Joe Quesada

Introduction: Now, it’s getting awesome!

Review: The series really upped it’s game with this one. It’s full of tension and a rousing ending that all points the reader towards an epic conclusion. The plot really starts moving here after two issues of setup. It would’ve been better if things really got moving a bit earlier, but this issue more than makes up for it.

We finally get the story behind MJ’s death and reason for Peter’s retirement. The reason behind MJ’s death is stupid yet frighteningly realistic: SHE WAS KILLED BY HIS RADIOACTIVE SPERM. Don’t believe me? Here’s the page. If the radioactive sperm thing’s cannon in the main Marvel universe than fans of Mary Jane should probably start paying their respects. My heart ached even more when Spider-Man had to stop some armed men, stealing the last few moments of her life they could have spent together. Spidey’s went through the “No More” phase more times, but this the first time there was actually a justifiable reason for hanging up the suit.

The scenes with the venom symbiote rampaging through the city are “amazing”. They’re exciting, and frightening. It’s a big part of why I’m so excited to read the next issue.

This issue featured one of the most disturbing comic book scenes I’ve ever read. Mary Jane’s corpse dug out of the ground, where Peter embraces it despite the fact that it’s been decomposing for about 30 years., and if that’s not enough it was dug up by Doc Ock, or what’s left of him. Ock’s long dead, but his corpse is still attached to the tentacles or his “four sons”. The tentacles carry out his last wish to bring Spider-Man out of retirement. Pretty disturbing, yet it’s such a cool scene at the same time. Spidey and Ock have been enemies for years, and on his deathbed Ock knew the only man who could take down the Reign was Spider-Man or his “brother”. Finally, when Peter said he buried Spider-Man with MJ, he meant it literally as he buried the costume along with her. When once it back, and punched out of the coffin it’s just a perfect symbolism of the Spider-Man persona being reborn. He even sings a part of his theme song!

It’s a perfect mix of sad, tense, and exciting. On to the conclusion!

Overall Rating: 9/10= Awesome!

Story Summary: “Book Three”

Following his defeat at the hands of the Sinner Six, Spider-Man’s saved by the dead remains of Doc Ock and his mechanical arms. It takes him to the cemetary where Uncle Ben, Aunt May, and Mary Jane are buried. Spider-Man flashbacks to when Mary Jane was lying in a hospital bed. He is saddened that she had been poisoned with radioactivity from him. He wasn’t by her side as she passed on. As crime was occuring outside, she told him to “Go…. He disn’t her finish with … “get ’em, Tiger.”

In the office of Mayor Waters,’ J. Jonah Jameson is dragged in by Reign officers. Jameson believes that Waters is a monster but it turns out it is really his aide, Edward Saks. Saks appears to be bonded with the symbiote Venom (I still think it’s Eddie Brock, but his personality been completely wiped out by the symbiote).

In the city, as the Webb System is active, not allowing anyone to enter or leave the city, the children working with Jameson’s underground decide to take on masks and fight. Venom reaches across the city, consuming everyone in his path.

As Mary Jane’s corpse is seemingly dragged away from Peter, he follows. In her coffin, he enters and emerges in his “red and blues.” The true Spider-Man has finally returned. Maybe for his final battle.

References: http://marvel.wikia.com/wiki/Spider-Man:_Reign_Vol_1_3 for the edited story summary, comic book over, and credits

So please kind sir, don’t sue me for plagiarism!


One thought on “Spider-Man: Reign #3

  1. Charles Pedigo

    Wow…your review not only made it easy to visualize what was going on but also makes me want to read it…cool.


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